Endeavor Esports


Level Up Program

Move up the ranks with our "Level Up Program", our internal leveling system that stems from Discord and in-game activity, rewarding you with XP, Coins, and Achievements.


Whether it's our weekly meetings, in-house tournaments, or just playing together in-game, there's always something going on in our clan. Either you're a competitive or casual player, there's always room for everyone to join in on our events.


We allow both North Americans and Europeans to join our server.

Squad Up

Interested in playing Call of Duty 8's and/or ranked with others? Endeavor Esports offers a dedicated place for all of our competitive players to find squads for ranked, or to put their skills to the test against others in the server in our dedicated 8's channels.

Endeavor Academy (coming soon)

Looking to up your game on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III? Look no further than Endeavor Academy, our upcoming premier feature for members of Endeavor Esports.

Endeavor Esports was established March 2023 and has since been home to both competitive and casual Call of Duty players. We are a dedicated clan, striving to conquer our mountains, both together as a team and ourselves.